Adastra Campaign Management (ACM) is a tool designed for your Marketing team.  Create and run effective marketing campaigns, choose different channels for campaigns, set up client selection criteria, and consolidate campaign feedback to enable effective downstream campaign effectiveness analysis.

Built to support multi-channel marketing, ACM has its own Data Mart, facilitates easy data acquisition from multiple source systems (customer, billing, financial, etc.), and provides the following tools to automate campaign management:

Campaign Planner

  • Track campaign history
  • Store campaign attachments

Targeting Tool

  • Campaign parameter selection
  • Pilot and control group setup and coordination
  • Channel selection and coordination
  • Automatic allocation of customers into defined campaigns
  • Graphical editor for creating email, html or CTI templates
  • Graphical editor for creating call-scripts and SMS templates

Campaign Execution

  • Automatic campaign prioritization
  • Campaign overlap control
  • Response gathering & monitoring
  • Integration with CTI and e-mail systems

Response Calculator

  • Collect CTI responses and incorporate into history for subsequent use

Adastra and Adastra Business Consulting (ABC) have the implementation expertise to integrate Adastra Campaign Management into your marketing organization.  You’ll run more campaigns at a fraction of the cost while optimizing your customer interactions.