For any organization with large amounts of data, harnessing that data to reduce costs and empower decision making is a tantalising prospect. Add to that the evolving needs of patients and service providers, health care organizations are compelled to access their data quickly through integrated, accurate, and informative dashboarding and flexible reporting solutions.

Executives demand accurate information on how their organization is doing, where improvements need to be made, and what preventative measures need to be taken before situations become critical, and more costly to fix. Clinical managers need to monitor location performance and conduct resource planning to meet demand. For their part, analytical teams need to satisfy ever-changing information requirements quickly, effectively, with trusted and easy-to-understand deliverables.

HCAT inputs

HCAT inputs

Extracting reliable data from complex healthcare infrastructures, which typically consist of multiple operational systems, is both labour-intensive and error-prone. And without a single information view, key decision makers cannot make efficient and effective decisions, reporting times increase, and operating costs inevitably grow. 

Adastra has the IM expertise and healthcare experience to resuscitate your data systems

Based on two decades of Information Management expertise, technology partnerships for all the latest Big Data and structured data possibilities, and methodologies refined over many successful projects in health care and a variety of other industries, Adastra provides health care organizations with an out-of-the-box solution that:

  • is easily customizable and scalable to the operations of any organization
  • integrates and streamlines existing data resources quickly and efficiently, allowing for real-time capabilities
  • is flexible and able to quickly satisfy changing reporting requirements
  • provides access to a pre-calculated, summarized and central repository for all clinical activity measures, as well as KPIs using industry-standard methodologies
  • can be quickly implemented for rapid return on investment and improved outcomes
  • uses cutting-edge cleansing and transformation technology to transform operational and clinical data into meaningful client performance measures across multiple dimensions

Your information, your way: leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as SQL Server and Tableau combined with Adastra’s healthcare expertise and methodologies, HCAT empowers you to develop scorecards, dashboards, reports, graphs and other visuals, Excel plugins... whatever you need to leverage your data to accelerate your organization.

Flexibility Made Easy

With consolidated data from multiple operational systems, the cubes can be sliced and diced through many customizable dimensions, including:

  • Clinical Programs
  • Date
  • Encounter Types
  • Diagnosis
  • Neighbourhood/geography
  • And many more...

The result: an innovative, multidirectional view of your operations.