Automate your workload with AWS Lambda

Is your organization spending valuable time and resources performing repeatable tasks? Adastra can help you lighten your workload with AWS Lambda.

Adastra is an Advanced Consultant Partner for AWS – a direct result of our close collaboration with AWS and our ability to continuously deliver value-driven data and AI initiatives for clients. 

We are experts in helping our customers migrate from their legacy systems to the cloud and delivering analytics to help realize the value of their data. We offer services around Data Estate Modernization, AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Analytics, Governance, and Managed Services. 

Adastra has a demonstrated success of helping organizations bolster their growth and speed to business impact. Our clients have been seen to increase employee efficiency, enhance customer experience, and save time and resources through implementing AWS solutions. 

Our extensive experience with Cloud solutions and AWS Lambda makes us the ideal partner to help automate your organization’s workload, saving you time and money. 

How Can My Organization Use Lambda?

Common use cases Lambda can be used to trigger, include: 
•    Data processing
•    Real-time file processing
•    Real-time stream processing
•    Machine learning
•    Backend API requests
•    Web application

Learn more about why your organization should consider AWS Lambda. 

Benefits of AWS Lambda

Cost Efficiency

Only pay for the time when your code is actually running – Lambda rounds usage time to the nearest millisecond.

Ease of Use

Lambda is serverless, meaning users don’t need to worry about maintenance, hosting or infrastructure management. Simply upload your code and it’s ready to run.

Scalable to Your Needs

Lambda automatically scales to the number of times your code is triggered.

Automate Repeatable Tasks

Save time by setting up automatic triggers for common tasks.

Simple Integration with Other AWS Services

Lambda can easily be triggered from actions performed in a variety of other AWS services, including Amazon S3 buckets, Amazon DynamoDB tables and Amazon Kinesis stream.

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