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Azure Databricks Migration Offer

Migrate your on-prem workloads to Azure Databricks for 15 K

Accelerate Your Data Transformation On Azure Databricks

For a limited time, let Adastra's Azure Databricks specialists will help you identify and migrate targeted workloads from to Azure, actioning visualization, transformations, etc. to further your enterprise data strategy. 

With the robust know-how of our experts, your organization will receive an actionable roadmap and implementation for stakeholders to realize the vitality and ROI of leveraging Azure Databricks. 

With Azure Databricks, you can expect: 


Migrate and perform transformations on your data within Azure Databricks for 15K


Azure Databricks offers a collaborative space for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Business Analysts


Protect your data with built-in security and compliance offerings.

Native Integration

Integrates seamlessly with other Azure services (Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake, etc.)

Adastra Azure Databricks Migration Offer

  • Provision storage solution in Azure Databricks
  • Migrate existing on-premise data to Azure storage platform
  • Mount storage as file system in compute workspace
  • Set up user access to storage and compute workspace
  • User training and tools installations for using storage and compute resources
  • Perform data engineering tasks on the loaded data
    • Basic transformations
    • Data validation and cleansing
    • Simple data profiling, aggregations
    • Visualization
  • Perform basic analytical tasks on the loaded data
  • Manage compute resource size and configuration to bring out best performance, define benchmark performance and capacity for given data size

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