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Azure Migration

Let Adastra help you assess and migrate your workloads to Microsoft Azure

Reap the rewards of Microsoft Azure's scalable, secure, and future-ready platform by identifying and migrating candidate workloads.

Adastra's Azure-certified Cloud specialists will help you identify and migrate targeted workloads from on-prem or competing platforms to Azure; advancing your enterprise digital transformation strategy and the agility of your data. 

With the robust know-how of our experts, your organization will receive an actionable roadmap and implementation for stakeholders to realize the vitality and ROI of leveraging Azure. 

With Azure, you can expect: 


Identify and migrate candidate workloads to Azure for 15K


With constant upgrades, you can build a platform designed for the future.


Protect your data with built-in security and 90+ compliance offerings.


Build and deploy your platform with an open source format.

Adastra's Assessment and Migration Results

Depending on the current state of your enterprise, Adastra's assessment will include, where applicable: 

  • Identify suitable candidate workloads for migration
  • Identify suitable target in Azure technology stack
  • Design future state architecture 
  • Assist in the implementation of Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse as appropriate with security measures
  • Assist in migrating databases to Azure SQL Database or SQL Data Warehouse
  • Address upstream/downstream dependencies for Azure SQL Database or SQL Data Warehouse
  • Assess and implement Azure tooling for initial workload migrations
  • Assist in the implementation of Azure Data Factory for ongoing data migration tasks
  • Stakeholder Review

Contact our experts to learn more and to start your Cloud migration to Microsoft Azure.

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