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Customer Data Journey Analysis

Get Detailed Insight Into Your Customer Data With Our 10 Day Introductory Analysis

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In Adastra's 10-day Customer Data Journey Analysis, we will provide a conceptual mapping of the customer touchpoints and the identification of all associated fields across your organization, providing you with the ability to cross-reference against your data model to ensure that all data is appropriately captured. 

With your initial customer data journey analysis completed, your organization will be able to ensure your customer profile is optimized and that you are ready to execute an in-depth analysis of your customer journey, highlighting friction points and areas for improvement. 


  • Data Discovery
  • Data Model analysis
  • Data Quality profiling
  • Data Linkage analysis


  • A prioritized list of data opportunities
  • Final report


Price Duration Scope
$20 K 10 Days Single Contained Business Area

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