Data Quality

1-Time Data Quality Cleanup


Using Ataccama ONE, Adastra will profile the data, analyze it against key DQ metrics and clean and validate the data based on Adastra Best practices or User Defined Standards. Adastra will provide original data, cleansed data as well as traceability to cleansing and validation activities performed.


  1. Data Quality Analysis
  2. Data Quality Clean-up


  • Cleansed output data set including original data, cleansed data, cleansing explanations, validation explanations, and data quality scores


  • Clean Data set for client post-processing.


  • Production Quality Data must be used.
  • Data Set determined by client, prior to start of engagement.
  • Baseline Metadata or Specification documentation is available.

Scope & Pricing

Price Duration Scope
$30K  15 Days

Up to 20 Data elements/fields and 1MM records, excluding Address/Contact validation – Adastra Defined

$40K 20 Days Up to 20 Data elements/fields and 1MM records, excluding  Address/Contact validation – User Provide Standards

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