05. 12. 2022

Event Recording | The Role of Data Governance in Driving Data Democratization for Better Decision Making

Reading time: 2 Hours

As companies invest in low-code / no-code technologies to put data-driven power in everybody’s hands, the role of Data Governance (DG) is evolving. While DG’s traditional scope of implementing regulatory compliance, security, and privacy controls on data remains unchanged, DG is emerging as a powerful tool for ensuring data becomes part of day-to-day life and decision making.

We will demonstrate why and how Data Governance is the critical discipline needed to ensure that investments in recent powerful technologies deliver on their promises of bringing data to every level of the enterprise.

Join Microsoft and Adastra as we explore how core DG disciplines are expanding to the next step of data democratization, and how to leverage them to enable data fluency and usage. We will also demonstrate how Microsoft Purview, a cutting-edge unified data governance solution, can accelerate the implementation of key DG practices with its powerful automated scanning, discovery, classification, and monitoring capabilities.

What Will You Learn?

Metadata Management: The fuel of Data Democratization and Data Literacy

Security: Leverage technology to identify, protect, and monitor your sensitive data assets with Microsoft Purview

Business Enablement: The central role of DG in helping end users self-serve and remove data delivery bottlenecks

Data Governance Overview: what it is, how it works, how it is deployed and success stories



Mark Kohout - Practice Lead, Governance & Digital Transformation


Sudipta Chakraborty - Practice Lead, Data Management, Enterprise Data Architect


Kuljit Chahal - Practice Lead, Cyber Security

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