24. 02. 2023

Webinar Recording - Making the Move to Intelligent Manufacturing with AWS

Reading time: 1 Hour

In a highly competitive global market, manufacturers must effectively collect and gain insights from data. Through these insights, manufacturers lower production costs, improve operational efficiency, optimize supply chains, create differentiating customer experiences, and deliver compelling services to customers. Use of cloud IIoT / Data / Analytic platforms simplify and enable manufacturers to achieve these critical goals.

Adastra and Amazon Web Services (AWS) explore:

  • How AWS and Adastra are supporting the manufacturing industry 
  • Adastra’s manufacturing customer success stories 
  • The imperative for manufacturing value from data  
  • Adastra’s Three Horizons of Factory of the Future
  • Enabling manufacturing value from data in AWS 
    • Data democratization  
    • Self-service analytics 
    • Advanced analytics 
    • Digital twin  
    • Augmented reality  
  • AWS reference architectures for IIoT and analytics 
  • Typical roadmap for enabling AWS analytics



Kevin Harmer, Chief Cloud Officer, Adastra


Vijay Raghavendra, Sr. PDS, Manufacturing, Amazon Web Services

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