07. 04. 2022

Metadata Management: The Transformative Value of Data about your Data On-Demand Webinar

Metadata Management is a critical aspect of robust data management. In fact, focusing on metadata can yield substantial quick wins and immediate benefits for your organization through increased visibility into your data, and clearly articulated controls on how it may be used.

Join this Adastra webinar for a deep dive into data management. We will start by reviewing the key pillars of metadata management, and then delving into its numerous components.

We will then focus on the critical role of the enterprise data catalog, and discuss how its deployment can jump start or accelerate your data governance journey with very short time to value. To make things more concrete, we will then learn from the examples of how leading organizations have used metadata management to increase their data management maturity and enable business users. Finally, we’ll demonstrate a modern data catalog and highlight the steps and effort it takes to build a single, centralized hub of information that can take your data management practices to the next level.

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What Will You Learn?

What Metadata Management involves and the benefits it can bring

How organizations have deployed Metadata Management to change how they do business

About the central role of a modern Data Catalog

How to deploy a Data Catalog to accelerate your organization’s data literacy



Mark Kohout, Governance & Digital Transformation, Adastra