28. 10. 2022

Webinar Recording | How Manufacturers Are Seeing Cost and Time Savings by Leveraging Microsoft's Power Platform

Manufacturing organizations more than ever require agile, cost effective solutions, that solve and deliver value quickly. Using Power Platform, Manufacturing organizations are benefiting from citizen developed solutions that enhance operations, reducing downtime and operation costs, and simplify complex manufacturing processes.

Join Microsoft and Adastra to learn how Microsoft Power Platform, supported by Azure, can unleash innovation across your organization.

What Will You Learn?

How current manufacturing customers are harnessing the power of Adastra and Power Platform to streamline solution development, solve operating challenges quickly, while realizing cost and time savings.

How to get started with Power Platform licensing to better understand what you may have available today or what you may need to go further soon.

How Dynamics 365 Guide and HoloLens can help manufacturers create, collaborate, and learn using Mixed Reality.

Learn how manufacturing solutions can provide comprehensive visualization, data, and analytics platforms.



Kelsey Koep - Sales Executive, Business Applications, Microsoft


Travis Neyens - Digital Technical Specialist, Microsoft


Samuel Boulanger - Digital Technical Specialist, Microsoft


Kevin Harmer, Chief Cloud Officer, Adastra

Jores Minasvand - Technical Account Manager, Adastra


Steve Revenko - Account Executive, Adastra

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