09. 03. 2023

Webinar Recording: Shaping Education with Data-Driven Insights 2023

Reading time: 1 Hour

Data is influencing transformation in education. With pervasive BI and analytics creating newfound insights and efficiencies from data central to the classroom, educators have the opportunity to elevate student experience, improve regulatory efficacy and increase productivity with real-time information.

What Will You Learn?

How to effortlessly leverage education-specific tools and data for reporting

How to empower educators with real-time insights

Implement a Microsoft Azure data platform to support high-value education use cases

How to start your education-focused analytics journey with Adastra

Adastra's Analytics Solutions

Education Marketing Efficacy

How to ensure optimal returns from marketing investments in recruiting, alumni engagement, and gaining insights regarding campaign effectiveness.

Student Analytics Sandbox

How to provision customized analytic services, dynamically, efficiently, and at scale.

Universal Identify Management

How to simply identify management across increasingly complex applications and SaaS.

Moodle on Azure

Deployment of moodle open-source learning platform.


Adastra’s design and development system for delivering Power BI reports and dashboards at scale.

Whether you are pursuing your ongoing Digital Transformation in Education or want to learn about new and exciting technologies, this webinar is for you!



David Hamilton, Education Industry Lead, Adastra

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