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Google Cloud

Scalable, Multi-Cloud Insights on Google BigQuery


30. 3. 2021, 14:00


1 Hour

Now more than ever, organizations are looking to extract intelligent insights from their data as it rapidly scales and grows in complexity. Google’s Multi-Cloud Data Warehouse, BigQuery, offers enterprises a fully managed solution to ingest, store, analyze, and visualize data with incredible speed and ease.

Join Adastra and Google Cloud as we take a deep dive into BigQuery and showcase how you can build a highly scalable, Multi-Cloud analytics engine, built for the future. In our hour-long session, we will demonstrate the power of Google’s BigQuery, covering the breadth and depth of the platform and how it can support your end-to-end analytics journey.

What Will You Learn?

Understand options for building data pipelines into GCP Big Query

How to scale your analytics engine with Google Cloud

Gain insights from data across clouds with a flexible, Multi-Cloud analytics solution

Democratize analytics & insights with Looker BI

Why Attend?

Gain access to exclusive insights, demos and methodologies for implementation, delivered by our industry experts, as well as a private half day workshop to better understand how you can leverage BigQuery for your tailored data estate.

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