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Live Webinar

Data Governance For Pervasive Self-Service Business Intelligence


6. 7. 2021, 13:00


1 Hour

The emergence of self-serve analytics has broken down barriers to data, empowering business users to extract real-time insights and make data-driven decisions daily. With the increased access to leverage and manipulate data, however, comes the heightened risk of inconsistent, duplicated, and bad quality information, resulting in incorrect insights, wasted efforts, and lack of trust.

Join Adastra as we look at the emerging role of Data Governance in end-to-end data democratization and how non-technical users can extract accurate insights and business benefits from their information assets. This is an excellent opportunity to whiteness the impact of Data first-hand as we analyze the before and after of Data Governance on a self-serve BI report.

What Will You Learn?

The negative impact of ungoverned data on the consistency and accuracy of business intelligence across your organization

How to go from raw data to insights with a robust Cloud Data Governance framework

How to create an AI-driven foundation for all-in-one Cloud Data Governance with Ataccama

How to take the first steps to data democratization with Adastra and Ataccama

Why Attend?

Gain access to exclusive insights, demos and Data Governance deployment frameworks, delivered by our solution experts, as well as an exclusive Data Quality clean-up starter.  

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