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Building Intelligent Supply Chains With AI


06/10/2021, 7:00 (Europe/Prague)


1 Hour

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New technologies are giving rise to intelligent supply chains, improving productivity and efficiency across industries. Leveraging the vast quantity of data involved in the supply chain process, AI-based solutions can provide visibility and predictability to mitigate disruptions, drive agility, and maintain business continuity. Experts believe that, by 2025, nearly 60% of all supply chains will rely on AI in some form.

Join Adastra as we take a deep-dive into the current transformations being made in supply chains and showcase how you can unlock the Full Potential of Your Supply Chain with AI.

What Will You Learn?

Changing landscape leading to intelligent supply chains

High value AI use cases in supply chains

Roadmap to achieving intelligent supply chains

Funding opportunities with Scale AI

Scale AI Community Member

Adastra Corporation is a proud member of the Scale AI community. Scale AI is a Government of Canada-supported supercluster aimed at leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost productivity and supply chain efficiency across industries and aims to build a knowledge-sharing framework to further technological research and pave the way for adoption of advanced technologies by Canadian businesses.

Have an innovative AI use case for the Supply Chain Industry? Qualify for funding.



John Yawney, Chief Analytics Officer, Adastra/ Aroa


Ina Foalea, Director Of Investments, Scale AI

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