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Microsoft Training

Azure Envisioning Workshop | September 29


29. 9. 2021, 11:00


3 Hours

Now more than ever, organizations are looking to leverage Data and AI as a strategic asset to help them respond, rebound and reimagine their businesses. Data is collected along every step of an organization’s activity, including product development, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, sales, and customer support. Businesses today experience no shortage of data in terms of quantity; the challenge is tapping into the enormous potential of that collected data and extracting value from it as a resource.

To unleash the power of your data during this time, it is crucial that you invest in modernizing your data estate and learning more about the Data Journey in your business language. This means uniting data from across our entire enterprise, making it discoverable, trustworthy, understandable, and trackable. This will then allow you to optimize it for the advanced analytics, intelligent applications, machine learning, and AI to transform and reimagine your business. Touching on security and responsible AI.

What Will You Learn?

Data and AI Trends

Taking your data journey with Microsoft

Data Governance and Security

Innovation & AI



Kevin Harmer, Managing Director of Microsoft Practice, Adastra

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