Webinar Series

Are you using the Cloud to its full potential?

Discover Cloud-based tools and functionalities that will assist in employee collaboration, productivity, and support your Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Cloud providers offer numerous useful tools and features that you might not yet be familiar with. You may already have access to these tools, so why not start leveraging them to support your processes as they shift to digital? In addition, the Big Three are proactively introducing special tools and features to support organizations through these times of uncertainty. 

If you are not on a Cloud platform, these webinars will offer you a glimpse of what is possible. This is the perfect opportunity to get exclusive insights that can help you assess which platform would best suit your organization’s needs. You can also learn more about how there is so much more to the Cloud than just data storage!

Adastra provides end-to-end migration and implementation solutions for all the top cloud providers, and our group company, Aroa, specializes in AWS solutions. No matter where you currently are in your digital transformation journey, we can support you in meeting your organization's goals.

Our recent webinar series delved into the Big Three Cloud Providers - Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Provider (GCP) - and the various tools and capabilities they offer that will prove to be instrumental in enabling organizations to successfully operate remotely. Download the recordings now!

Episode 1: Microsoft Azure


Discover the latest features of MS Teams, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Lab Services.

Episode 2: Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Learn about the benefits of Chime, AppStream 2.0 and, AWS Workspaces.

Episode 3: Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Get an overview of G-Suite and its powerful features for seamless collaboration