ETL Migration to AWS Glue

Discover, prepare, and combine data for analytics, machine learning, and application development with ease. 

Organizations’ data is becoming increasingly complex: it may be diverse, from multiple novel sources, growing rapidly, and/or used by many applications and people with varied skill sets. On-premises ETL solutions are simply not suited to handle the intricacy of workloads today.

AWS Glue is a fully managed data integration service that makes it simple and cost-effective to categorize, clean and enrich your organization’s data, and move it reliably between data stores. 

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Handles complex workloads

Glue connects to 30+ data sources, processes petabytes of data in real-time, and includes batch and event-driven modes.


There is no infrastructure to maintain. Simply allocate needed compute power and run your Glue jobs.

Data integration for every user

AWS Glue provides development environments catered to different skillsets: visual ETL development for Data Engineers, notebook-style development for Data Scientists, and no-code development for Data Analysts.


The all-in-one pricing model includes infrastructure and is 55% cheaper than other cloud data integration options.

No lock-in

Develop data integration pipelines in open source SparkSQL, PySpark and Scala.

How Can My Organization Use AWS Glue?

Common use cases for AWS Glue include: 
•    Building data lakes and lake houses for scalable data analysis 
•    Processing petabytes of data both in batch and real-time using Apache Spark 
•    Migrating from expensive traditional ETL solutions to gain flexibility and reduce costs 
•    Preparing data for machine learning 
•    Cataloging data assets to make them available to AWS analytics services 

How Can My Organization Perform ETL Migration?

Data pipeline re-platforming can be tedious and time-consuming and manual work can be prone to errors. 

With ADELE, any developer can accurately migrate data pipelines from any legacy to any target platform, with a single click, while having full control over the process. ADELE eliminates migration costs, as well as coding errors through automation. 

Benefits of ADELE: 
•    Access simple, quick, and accurate data pipeline re-platforming and migration to the cloud 
•    Extract more insights from your data pipelines with data lineage and metadata reporting
•    Prepare technology-agnostic SQL prototypes to build data integration processes in any selected cloud or on-premises platform
•    Become platform agnostic – migrate anytime, anywhere 
•    Involve any of your legacy solutions, no matter the technology

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Why Adastra?

As an Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS, Adastra specializes in delivering fast analytics on the cloud. We have extensive experience helping our clients transform their data, reducing the amount of time to analysis and helping organizations realize the benefits of data-driven decision-making. Through best-in-class methodologies, we help organizations bolster their growth and speed to business impact. 

Adastra is knowledgeable about the ins and outs of cloud migration and has even developed our own tool to make the process as simple, accurate, and speedy as possible. 

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