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AI Powered Product Sales

The power of AI can unlock new communication channels with your customers to promote sales of your products and services.

Benefits of AI Chatbot

Adastra’s AI Chatbot solution can precisely extract intents and entities so your organization can target the right customer with the right products. There are many benefits to leveraging AI powered product sales solutions like Chatbots, such as:

Integration with messaging services and ads: AI Chatbots integrate seamlessly with any messaging service. Integration with display ads can increase engagement by up to 87% compared to traditional ads.

Understanding the customer and personalization: These chatbots remove friction from your customer journey, allowing customers to seek and access the details that matter to them directly from the chatbot. By asking customers about their preferences, the solution allows you to analyze your customer’s needs and deliver the right solutions.

Enhancing sales efficiencies: AI Chatbots can improve operational efficiencies by automating a significant percentage of the tasks that would typically be performed by your sales team. Moreover, your sales people now have more information about the customer right from their point of entry into the sales funnel, making the sales cycle shorter and more impactful. This empowers your sales team to cater to a larger customer base using the same resources.

Advanced analytics: The solution is also equipped with analytics, so your organization can view not just click rates, but also specifics about customer interests and apprehensions. Analytics also allow you to improve and optimize your marketing campaigns for better messaging and targeting, so your solution continues to deliver.

Turnkey features: AI Chatbots make it easier for your customers to engage with your brand through additional features such as ID data pre-fill and verification and speech to text transcription. Innovative solutions like these also help build recognition for your brand within a crowded marketing environment.

Data security: The solution offers maximum data security with a 100% server-side deployment option.

On-boarding and customer service: AI Chatbots can also help you on-board new clients, answer queries and provide customer service.

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