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Call Centre Automation

Call centres and contact centres are an important part of the customer engagement channel mix for most banks and financial institutions. Before mass adoption of online or digital modes of banking, call centres were typically the only channel available to customers seeking answers or support outside of a bank branch.

Today, the way customers interact with their banks is changing rapidly, and quick resolution of customer concerns and queries is more important than ever before. While online banking FAQs can provide some support to customers, often customers rely on call centres for more information or issue resolution.

Adastra’s Solution

The objective of automation is to integrate call centres with other channels of communication that customers rely on, in order to reduce the overall time it takes for customers to get the support they need.

Customer calls are fed through a channel to handle generic questions, reducing the call load that agents need to address. Adastra’s solution pairs a Voice Recognition software with a Chat Messaging Bot service to analyze the purpose of the query, and provide proper, helpful responses or route the call internally to the right agents.

Various services are deployed within the solution to allow customers to automatically book appointments or obtain specific information or documents that they require.

Call centre automation can also play a role in call queuing and, by combining data from other sources, can help in prioritizing calls from specific customer groups (for instance, elderly people or long-time customers), allowing your bank to provide prompt service to selected audiences. Integration of customer data across channels can provide call centre agents with a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey with your organization, so they are able to offer better advice as they speak to a customer.

Benefits of Call Centre Automation

Faster Issue Resolution

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Efficiency of Call Centre Operations

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