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Reduce risk and drive profitability with a robust card analytics solution.

Your payment card portfolio generates a vast amount of data, which is stored across multiple platforms in many different formats. However, without analytics, the data typically tells you what has happened rather than what will happen. In other words, it documents performance but does not provide predictive trends.

Rapidly changing economics can impact customer credit quality in relatively short periods of time, and it becomes important to have proactive data to support decisions.

Card Analytics can help ensure that your product deployment strategy recognizes changes in your customers’ behavior and portfolio performance before those changes negatively impact your exposures and risk position. It can help your organization make sense of card-related information and deploy it to help your business better manage risk, make wiser investment decisions regarding sales and usage campaigns, and understand where your card portfolio generates the most profitability is a challenge that is shared by almost every card issuer. It also allows you to manage your business team not only on how they have performed, but on what they should be doing to exceed their targets and goals.

Adastra Card Analytics uses state-of-the-art data modeling technology to consolidate this information effectively. Interactive dashboards and comprehensive reports will allow you to analyze the data that is important to you without having to allocate precious resources to create time-consuming and cumbersome spreadsheets or reports.

Benefits of Card Analytics

Risk Management: Manages risk by identifying developing trends in fraudulent and delinquent account behavior, allowing you to monitor high-risk customer behaviors, flag potentially fraudulent activities early on, and mitigate risk to the organization. The solution also allows your team to monitor changing patterns and continually adjust parameters to determine how much credit should be issued to an individual. Changing economics can impact customer credit quality in relatively short periods of time, and ongoing risk analytics becomes crucial to maintain profitability.

Marketing and Sales Performance: Increases sales effectiveness by analyzing sales channels and campaign performance and in identifying seasonality in cardholder spend patterns. This solution can help you optimize your marketing and sales spends and make allocations where they are likely to generate the best returns, push harder in areas of organizational priorities to increase sales, or re-evaluate your campaigns to improve results.

Product Performance: Drives profitability by informing product management where your revenue comes from and how changes in interest rates, fees, etc. impact product performance. By reviewing how past and existing products have performed, your organization can optimize newer product offerings to ensure that they will bring in more revenue.

Financial Analysis: Allows your organization to analyze data on interest and fees to gauge profitability by product type, channels, and other parameters. By presenting a clear picture of revenue sources, you can align with marketing and sales teams to maximize profitability.

Reward programs: Provides in-depth insight into customer spending patterns and preferences, so your organization can improve and optimize customer rewards. Rewards programs can play a huge role in improving customer loyalty and retention and by better understanding your customers, you can offer rewards that better resonate with their needs.

Holistic Overview: Informs management with up-to-date metrics that cover profitability, performance, and at-risk behaviors. Your data is only as good as the conclusions it allows you to draw, and a holistic, accurate overview enables you to make better, data-driven decisions. The solution offers 4 executive dashboards and 16+ analytical reports that give in-depth insight into key metrics, acquisition, attrition, channels, risk and compliance, fraud, and audits.

Trends Forecasting: Predicts future trends by analyzing market events and changes and the impact these can have on future profitability. The solution offers a visionary perspective, allowing your organization to make decisions that will be beneficial not only today, but also in well into the future.

Security and Encryption: Provides a full key management solution covering all aspects of security, instrumental in meeting clients’ needs and PCI certification. The solution has inbuilt security and encryption protocols and allows for secure generation and exchange of keys, has integrated HSM Secure Handling and storage, and policies and processes to govern use and administration (custodianship, crypto-cycle, access through split password).

Our solution also allows for mapping from pre-scoped TSYS and Credit Bureau files to provide the reasoning behind changes in performance and not just a summary of transactions. It is extendable across multiple card offerings and can be implemented as a service or on a perpetual license, depending on your organization’s requirements. Adastra’s turn-key Credit Card Reporting & Analytics Solution allows you to focus on making strategic decisions to grow the business rather than focus on the technology.

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