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Recognizing Branch Traffic

An advanced analytics approach to detecting and tracking branch traffic for a holistic picture of customer engagement.

Today, statistics to measure traffic in bank branches come from measuring the number of transactions that occur, either with a teller or financial advisor or with an ABM/ATM. However, this approach may miss individuals who come in, and due to the business of the branch, leave without making a transaction.

It becomes important to keep track of these “missed” customers to ensure that they are not left unserved or disgruntled, and also to optimize branch resources based on a complete, accurate picture of branch traffic.

To resolve this issue, Adastra offers object detection and tracking models to track people coming in and out of the branch to deliver real-time statistics on in-branch traffic, as well as flag any anomalies.

Benefits of Recognizing Branch Traffic

Creating a User Experience Journey

Detecting Anomalies

Complete, Accurate Analytics

Monitoring & Improving Operations

Creating a user experience journey: In the banking environment, tracking traffic gives your organization the ability to track a user’s customer journey and monitor their habits in the branch. This information can be used to target or personalize products and services based on an individual’s monitored behaviors and preferences.

Detecting anomalies: With a large enough data set and training, the system can detect and track if an individual is demonstrating anomalies. If a particular behavior is assessed as high-risk, branch employees can be prompted to keep a close check or take appropriate action.

Complete, accurate analytics: Business decisions are based on customer journey data, and a customer who is unable to complete a transaction for any reason, is still a valued customer. The tracking data can be used to feed into the analytics model with other data streams to provide a more comprehensive picture of the customer journey or behavior.

Monitoring and improving operations: Tracking solutions can provide an accurate, up-to-date representation of your organization’s resources (machines, supplies, tellers, etc.) vis-à-vis branch traffic. This can be used as a foundation for decisions on increasing front-desk staff or adding new machines to better cater to your branch’s customer base.

Adastra’s Detection and Tracking Solution

There is much more to detection and tracking than just having CCTV surveillance. However, image and video capturing is an essential part of Adastra’s solution. Multiple stationary cameras are typically used to track people, cars and objects both outside and within the bank branch. The entire video is then processed and broken up into multiple frames to be processed individually by the detection and tracking algorithm. Within the modelling phase, filter parameters and model weights can be adjusted for specific camera positions, keeping environmental considerations in mind.

Object detection is a fundamental visual recognition tool that aims to find target objects with precise localization in a given image and assign each object instance a corresponding label. Our solution allows for persons to be detected, and X,Y coordinates to be extracted from the detected image bounding box.

Tracking is the second phase that takes detection and adds a unique identifier to the object detected. In a frame of multiple same classified objects (humans, in this case), tracking adds the capability of tracking an individual without mixing it up with others. This step requires the use of estimation theory filter algorithm, with the final output being in the form of the entire tracking line and bounding box of the input video.


Our improved filter technique enhances tracking accuracy while significantly decreasing processing and detection time, providing greater scalability of the solution.

With Adastra’s Detection and Tracking solution, you can significantly reduce missed interactions with the customers in your branch and understand and improve the customer journey to deliver greater customer satisfaction.

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