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Optimized Healthcare Processes

Digitally transform your organization's operations, significantly increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Undoubtedly a vital part of our community, healthcare organizations are robust operations, with teams of doctors and nurses devoting their time and expertise supported by complex processes enabling scheduling, reporting, and billing. With an aging population, there is a growing need for a seamless and agile healthcare system, and leading organizations are implementing the latest data-driven solutions to maintain lean operations to keep up with society’s needs.

Automated Appointment Scheduling

Optimize your scheduling and save valuable time for both doctors and patients, while prioritizing those most at risk. Leveraging RPA (robotics process optimization), Adastra can provide a solution, considering diagnosis, location, and doctor availability and automatically recommending optimal appointment slots, ensuring patients get the care that they need when they need it most. With automated communications, you can mitigate any potential communication error between doctors and patients while keeping an open line of communications for reminders and instant notifications of appointment changes.

User-friendly Scheduling Platform

With our in-house UX/UI and mobile app development capabilities, we can provide your organization with user-friendly interfaces, speeding up scheduling and identification verification, leaving more time for your organization's facilitators to focus on patients’ needs.

Secure Information Sharing

For an optimized healthcare system, various departments must collaborate and share information to curate a stress-free and effective patient experience. Medical information, including patient records, test results, or MRI’s are highly confidential and must be accurately documented and processed in a secure manner. With Adastra’s specialty in data governance, each data point will be vetted for accuracy and consolidated into one trusted source, ensuring both regulatory compliance as well as making it easier to trust and use the information by the respective departments.

Optimized Back-Office Processes

Many Back-Office tasks such as payroll processes, tax reporting, and direct billing, are tedious processes, involving a myriad of both paper and digital documentation. By leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we will alleviate your employees from manual transcription, effectively digitizing scanned documents, so that they can be easily reformatted for the task at hand. Our experts will also provide you with an RPA solution, to automate repetitive processes, ensuring greater accuracy, significantly shorter processing times, and reduced costs.

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