Digitally Enhanced Patient Experience

Increase efficiency and ease of use, assisting patients along their health journey.

The health industry is rapidly evolving, with a steady shift to innovative thinking, preventative treatment, and accessibility. Enhancing healthcare with digital solutions not only ensures shorter wait times for prescriptions and appointments, but it can help reduce a patient’s stress during uncomfortable situations and ease the workload for healthcare facilitators.

User-friendly and Accessible Preliminary Diagnosis

No need for search engine research and information overload, Adastra will help you take telemedicine to the next level. With our cutting-edge data science methodologies and AI-powered chatbots, our experts can develop a user-friendly data-driven platform, replicating the doctor-patient interaction. No matter where they are located, your patients can access a platform that will help them understand the severity of their symptoms and the necessary next steps, be it over-the-counter medication to ease a headache or a trip to the doctor for further examination.

Improved Doctor-Patient Communication

Doctors and patients can easily communicate through a user-friendly and transparent interface, where both parties can access patient data in a secure setting. By funneling patient health history, wearable network device data, and the health records of close relatives into one trusted source of data, health facilitators and patients can have a clear overview of the patient’s health. Displaying this information in a comprehensive dashboard, our experts will provide your patients and doctors with a tool that will not only speed up health assessments, but also increase their accuracy, and aid in determining the best treatment.

Optimized Prescription Refill Automation

Automating prescription refills is a notable advancement within the health sector. Raising the efficiency in providing patients with the medication they need when they need it. With Adastra as your digital partner, we will help your organization to enhance prescription refill automation. By leveraging advanced analytics with wearable network device data, you can ensure patients receive prescriptions based on their most recent health status.

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