Emergency Department Optimization

Support your Emergency Department with digital solutions, ensuring patients get the help they need, when they need it.

By leveraging your facility's collection of variable data and advanced digital solutions, we will help to optimize the function of Emergency Department, supporting your staff in delivering first-class patient care.

The Emergency Department (ED) is an essential part of the hospital ecosystem and the safeguard for our society. From treating critical traumas to unexpected illness symptoms, the ED operates thanks to the expertise, devotion and care of the doctors and nurses who operate within stressful and, oftentimes, over-crowded environments. Finding capacity and time to provide the increasing number of patients the care they need is a rising problem. Improving ED processes is a top priority for hospital management, with the objective to reduce overall time patients spend in the ED, reduce time to physician initial assessment, and reduce the number of occasions that patients leaving without being seen.

Optimized Staff Management

Optimizing staff management as well as the co-operation with other hospital departments, are all necessary aspects of improving an Emergency Department’s performance. Leveraging a hospital’s array of data sources, Adastra’s specialists will develop a mathematical model that can optimize the distribution of staff, so that there are always enough ER facilitators on site during peak hours, and not too many during more idle hours.

Ensured Bed Availability

Similarly to staff management, our experts can provide ER facilitators with a solution that will help to ensure that the patients who have the need, are matched with beds in a timely manner and aren’t left in the waiting room for too long. By analysing historical data in correlation with resource management data, facilitators will be able to ensure that there are enough beds available during the busiest times of day or determine if additional beds and space need to be allocated.

Optimized Resource Management

Having substantial resources in the ER is critical, especially during peak hours. Our data scientists will develop a tailored solution that ensures ER facilitators never have to make a trip to another department for more supplies. Considering both historical data and the variability of busy days, we will provide your organization with a solution that analyzes and optimizes your resources. Leveraging our UX/UI and app development capabilities, we will provide you with a platform that allows facilitators to easily log and track supply stock, easily re-order when supplies have depleted.

Enhanced Intake Process

Oftentimes the intake processes in the Emergency Room can be time-consuming and in a stressful setting, information might contain errors or be missed altogether. To ensure a seamless intake process, Adastra’s digital experts and creative designers will provide you with a tailored, user-friendly and comprehensive interface, allowing facilitators more time to tend to patients’ needs.

Our specialists will work closely with your team, creating a better work environment for your staff so that they focus on what matters most, providing exceptional care to each patient.

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