Claims Management

Those seeking a competitive advantage in the marketplace are transforming the claims process with Data and AI.

In the Insurance industry, where customer touchpoints are sparse and high-impact, claims settlement can bear a persuasive, and often negative force on customer relationships. Validating and processing claims is timely and while insurers want to ensure an authenticated payout, customers are seeking an efficient mediation. 

By enhancing the claims process with Digital and AI technologies, insurers can remove human processing from the settlement process, speeding up the results, and minimizing costs through increased back-office efficiency, customer retention, and the mitigation of fraudulent claims. Organizations can leverage information from claims documents, digital images, social data, etc., analyzing the aggregated data to determine payout, while flagging suspicious fraudulent activity. As smart technologies learn and are exposed to a greater volume of cases, they optimize their recommendations and accuracy.


Process Automation

Automatically process collected information to determine accurate payout.

App Development

Offer a unique claims platform for clients to upload documents and track progress.


Support client insurance claim entry with an AI-powered chatbot, collecting information and answering pertinent questions.

Fraud Prevention

Automatically flag suspicious claims for human intervention.

Let Adastra help you put your customers at the forefront of your business strategy. With our in-house UX/UI and mobile development skillset, we will offer your clients an optimized and hassle-free claims process with an improved time to resolution. By leveraging and analyzing your historical claims, Adastra will help you identify patterns and develop an application to automate and improve your accuracy with unbiased cognition.

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