Customer Experience

The benefits of customer experience (CX) often promote brand loyalty, equating a high life-long customer value in the insurance sector. For those willing to step ahead with digital, customer centric solutions, CX could create considerable competitive differentiation in a market known for its legacy processes.

The cumbersome processes associated with insurance policies have historically placed the industry behind the curve when it comes to CX; and as digitalization shines a light on personalization, convenience and CX, this has only expanded the gap. 

A Digitally enabled CX offers a personalized, omni-channel customer journey that anticipates the needs and desires of users by analyzing granular data from customer service, sales, and social interactions, etc.  Combining digital platforms, smart automation and predictive models, key customer touchpoints are optimized, leading to a more frictionless insurance process, increased customer satisfaction, and faster acquisition. Eventually leading to a higher retention and return on investment.  


Personalized Insurance

Leverage sophisticated predictive models to underwrite personalized insurance policies, hyper-tailored to each customer and their associated information.

Digital Onboarding

Securely verify and upload customer information on a user-friendly interface to start and/or change your policy.

Claims Settlement

Verify and upload claims information while streamlining settlement to ensure accuracy and speed.

Customer Support

Address customer questions and concerns through an automated AI chatbot or streamline the conversation subject matter experts.

At the heart of a well performing digital CX strategy is accurate and complete Data across the customer journey. Adastra will help you collect and integrate your data from siloed systems and streamline it into a rigorous analysis. Our team of Data Scientists will perform a combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics, smart automation, and something else to anticipate your customers’ needs and enhance your interactions. To understand how Adastra will help your organization lead the insurance industry in CX, contact us today.

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