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Production Quality and Optimization

With increasing pressure from the market to reduce costs and improve quality, finding efficiencies in plant operations is top of mind for manufacturers. Modern Digital Factories are turning to their aggregated production data to predict and remediate operational waste, maximizing their profits.

Identify interdependencies within the full view of your data to predict the root-causes of upstream or downstream inefficiencies; enabling corrective measures into production to reduce wasted resources and lessening time to market. By progressively modifying processes, Adastra can help you obtain consistent and efficient operations at the shop floor as well as a real-time view of your performance. Creating an enhanced fusion between managers and data.


Scrap Prediction

Identify and mitigate production disturbances that produce wasted resources and create scrap

Quality Maintenance

Closely monitor product quality with throughout your production line for early detection and process improvement

Process Optimization

Optimize scheduling of your operations to reduce time to market and improve efficiency of using people and machines

Digital Twin

Create a replica of your optimized production line to ensure your enterprise is running with maximum efficiency as a whole

As your Data partner, Adastra will unify and refine your data into one central view; offering real-time, accurate, data-driven decision making as well as a toolkit of cognitive functions to prevent manufacturing scrap.  With a history creating scalable platforms to host and extract insights, we are your #1 Data and Analytics partner for all for the digitization of your manufacturing production.

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