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Warranty Management

Optimize your warranty management processes, enhancing operations and reducing costs.

Warranty costs can take a major toll on a manufacturing organization’s bottom line, while with the correct processes in place, they can be reduced or prevented altogether.

There are three points of focus that an organization must consider in order to effectively reduce warranty costs: distributing warranty information across multiple LOB’s, improving product quality and identifying false claims prior to payment. Optimizing your warranty management processes will not only ensures cost reduction, but it will also have a play a large role in your closed-feedback loop, and subsequently increase customer satisfaction.


Detect False Claims

Detect false warranty claims, preventing unnecessary payments.

Improve Product Quality

Leverage your warranty data to find out where your products may need improvement.

Optimize Operations

Warranty management data will give you insights on the success of your entire operation.

Adastra will provide your organization with analytics capabilities, allowing you to uncover the reason behind warranty claims. By combining warranty analyses with supply chain data, you will be able to pinpoint the area of production that needs improvement.

Leveraging state-of-the-art data visualization, other segments of your organization will also benefit from warranty claim analysis, such as equipping product development or supply chain management with customer feedback data. 

If false warranty claims go undetected, they can also hinder your bottom line. Identifying false claim prior to payment can ensure that your organization avoids unjustified fulfillment. It is hard to keep up with the constantly varying warranty fraud strategies. Leveraging Machine Learning, our data scientists will help your organization to detect fraudulent warranty claims and continue to catch claims even when organized fraud changes its tactics.

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