Mergers and Acquisitions

Safeguard the value of your M&A with a robust IT strategy and integration.

The true value of an M&A boils down to strategy, synergy, and a smooth transition of the acquired company into the acquiring organization’s ecosystem.

Visibility into performance and profitability post-union can offer untold return on investment; however, this must be done methodologically with a precise knowledge and understanding of the target organization. Adastra will guide you along the M&A journey to help execute unbiased strategic decisions as it relates to the IT ecosystem of your targeted M&A and ensure the success of your growing enterprise.

Due Diligence

Adastra will help you objectively evaluate your target organization’s environment to determine the implications and roadmap of your merger or acquisition. Investigating the software and hardware, data volumes, as well as future-readiness of their IT infrastructure will provide foresight into the road ahead, including costs, timelines, roadblocks, etc., delivering a recommendation to drive your strategic growth.

  1. Current State Assessment (hardware, software, processes)
  2. Analysis of future requirements (architecture, application, etc.)
  3. Roles and resources
  4. Gap analysis
  5. Implementation roadmap
  6. Financial implications

of M&A's efforts come from IT. - Gartner 


Adastra will execute a step-by-step roadmap, amending undisclosed factors, to integrate data stores and systems of both enterprises. Going forward, your organization will have a full view of your enterprise performance, ensuring you ascertain value, whether you are acquiring an upstream, downstream, or lateral organization into your operations.

  1. Assessment Remediation
  2. Data Integration
  3. Systems Migration
  4. Managed Services

Post Merger

Closely monitor your newly united organization to continuously optimize and create synergies. By delivering intuitive and proactive reports reviewing your organization's data and managing your networks, Adastra can help you ensure the ongoing success of your M&A to exceed KPI's and support innovation.

  1. Performance Management
  2. Managed Services

Adastra acts as an integral part of the M&A process. Combining two decades of cutting-edge research and competitive intelligence, we offer enterprises strategic direction with practical recommendations and measurable results. 

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