Omni-Channel Enablement

As Digital Transformation allows for faster and more meaningful connections, consumers have grown to expect a seamless customer experience through all their interactions; using dynamic and intelligent technologies.

Although many organizations are taking steps towards a multi-platform strategy, they are missing the lynchpin that connects their users’ experiences through each channel: their data.

Omni Channel Marketing interlinks online and offline channels, to offer a tailored journey to your customers, powered by your aggregated data; creating a consistent and personalized experience across all channels. Leading to higher consumer experiences, sales, and increasing loyalty among current and prospective customers.

With the concurrent utilization of your Data and digital platforms, Adastra can help you enable Omni Channel Marketing through multiple solutions:



Answer standard customer questions and deliver a direct to sales buying process with AI-Driven flow.

Live Chat

Offer specialized support to your current and prospective clients from qualified Insurance Agents.

Web Development

Build a user-friendly interface for your customers and organization to interact with.

App Development

Extend your organization’s reach to mobile with specialized policy and claims portals.

Personalized Videos

Leverage your CRM data to speak directly to you customer with dynamic personalized messaging.

Campaign Management

Back the preparation and execution of your omni-channel marketing campaign with robust IM support.

Omni-channel Analytics

Optimize your communications for higher conversion and ROI.

Dynamics 365

Capture and monetize your customer data in Microsoft’s robust CRM platform.

Adastra will help you develop your Omni Channel Marketing journey from beginning to end by helping you create dynamic platforms for customer interaction, capture and consolidate precise data, and leverage your data for actionable customer insights. With over 20 years of data management, campaign management, and digital expertise, Adastra has a track record of monetizing data for improved profitability and efficiency. Contact our experts to learn how you can apply omni channel marketing in your organization.  

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