Public Good

From government services to private foundations, support each initiative with AI and Digital solutions.

From enhancing processes to ensuring clients and donors a seamless user experience, Adastra will provide your organization with advanced solutions to help you stay ahead in the digital era. By creating one true form of data, our experts will ensure your data meets quality standards and allows for innovative solutions that help you develop a more lean and agile operation.

How We Transform Organizations

User Experience

We help you leverage your data to create seamless client and donor experiences, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.

Digitally Empowered Workforce

We enhance human capabilities with automated technology so your employees can focus on what they do best.

Data Stewardship

Data is what drives your strategy. We help you take care of it, ensuring it's correct, complete, and compliant.


We help you choose the best technologies for your organization to capture, ingest, curate, and leverage your data.

Our Solutions

Our Team

Svetlana Bacinska

Director Customer Success

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