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Back-Office Optimization

Reduce processing times and costs, for a leaner operation.

The back-office lies at the core of the public sector, providing both structure and functionality.

With numerous LOBs, workflows, governance structures, as well as the vast amount of confidential customer data, the back-office has numerous tasks to fulfill on the day to day to ensure a seamless operation. Yet processes running on legacy systems and documentation residing in numerous formats, from filing cabinets to dispersed excel sheets, processes are time-consuming and data quality often suffers as a result.

Digitization tackles low data quality and lagging legacy systems by consolidating data to create one trusted source of financial information. Subsequentially, resolving inefficiencies with the help of smart automation and user-friendly applications, can significantly reduce processing times and operational costs.

Consolidated, Trust-Worthy Data

With a seamless Cloud migration and specialized Cloud services, establish one trusted source of enterprise data.

User-friendly Interface

Provide your employees with a user-friendly application to efficiently locate and input information.

Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks, reducing both processing time and costs.

Go Paper-Less

Digitize documentation, not only reducing paper, but also increasing agility and accessibility.

There are two key aspects to improving your back-office: ensuring the optimal function of your systems and improving process efficiency. With Adastra as your digital partner, we will provide you with a tailored solution that modernizes your back-office, from enhanced back-end performance to front-end ease of use, while ensuring seamless interaction between the two.

Over the past 20 years we have helped public sector entities select the best suited and most current network environments, ensuring that their data is both secure and meets quality standards. Our experts will help you choose and manage a cloud network that is best suited to your organizations needs, helping your organization consolidate your data into one trusted source. As well as applying best in class analytics and automation to optimize your processes and reduce costs.

Let’s discuss how we can help your organization modernize your back-office and reduce costs.

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