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Step ahead with digital, customer-centric solutions, that amplify your donor relationships.

A positive donor experience (DX) has the ability to engage and build lasting relationships with potential donors, providing non-for-profits with long-term financial commitments.

Consumers have grown to expect a consistent and personalized CX through unique touchpoints to educate themselves your cause and to easily convert to a donor if and when they desire. As digitization has allowed for accessibility, information sharing, and agility/time-saving/ease of use, a subpar CX can lead to dissonance between your cause and their support, resulting in a dwindling donor pipeline.

A Digitally enabled DX offers a personalized, omni-channel journey that anticipates the personal preferences and desires of users by analyzing granular data from donor outreach, social interactions, etc.  Combining digital platforms, smart automation and predictive models, key touchpoints are optimized, leading to a more frictionless donor journey, increased conversion, and faster attainment.


At the heart of a well performed digital DX strategy is accurate and complete Data across the donor journey. Adastra will help you collect and integrate your data from siloed systems and deploy rigorous analyses. Our team of Data Scientists will perform a combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics, smart automation, and ML to anticipate your donor’s likeliness to give and enhance your interactions to make them feel valued. To understand how your organization can lead the non-for-profit industry in CX, contact us today.

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