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Donor Loyalty

Prevent renewal rate decline with innovative, data-driven programs.

With a shift in societal trends and the advent of digitization, today’s donors have a greater selection, are more informed, and feel less committed to a single cause, making it difficult for Not for Profit organizations to maintain donation renewal rates.

Many Not-for-Profit organizations are trying to prevent the decline in donor loyalty with marketing efforts, but donors' characteristics and behaviors have changed. Accelerated by the proliferation of the digital age, donor loyalty has also changed, expanding from a traditional grassroots approach to personalized, data-driven programs.

By leveraging granular donor data, organizations can maintain a loyal donor base as well as entice more frequent and higher-value donations. Collecting and analyzing every donor interaction in a single source of enterprise data, organizations can leverage marketing campaigns, unique to each donor, and strategically deliver them via Omnichannel communications. Delivering consistent, personalized messaging at the right time and through the right channels, will effectively create a higher ROI on overall marketing efforts.


Loyalty App

Create a trackable, extended platform for your donors re-engage with your initiatives and get easy access to the latest updates.

Social Mining

Enrich your data with untapped donor information, including social channels, emails, call scripts, etc. to reveal valuable insights.

Loyalty Analytics

Leverage robust analytics to understand donors’ characteristics and behaviors to ensure greater ROI.

Renewal Rate Support

Identify and target donors with high-risk of abandoning their donation renewal, with targeted and personalized marketing efforts.

Adastra invests deeply into research development in the Data and AI space, offering your organization innovative techniques and solutions to increase donor loyalty. With our proven expertise in capturing the holistic view of your data and applying predictive models, we will help to reduce renewal rate decline and increase donation value and frequency. Adastra is your #1 Data and AI Partner to help you modernize your organization.

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