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Fundraising Insights

Drive your fundraising initiatives with powerful AI-driven insights.

There is a great untapped potential in the data collected by Not for Profit organizations, which can play a major role in supporting marketing and fundraising strategies. Meeting potential donors at the right time and place with personalized communication ensures the success of campaigns and ultimately drives donations.

An understanding of prospective donors, including their behavior and preferences, will deliver insights that guide future campaigns. Additionally, a thorough analysis of past donations will allow you to determine factors that are affecting ROI, so that you can make the necessary improvements and meet your objectives. With accurate and in-depth insights, your organization will meet funding objectives, efficiently and effectively.


Data Discover and Preparation

Adastra will help your organization unlock the full potential of your donation data. Leveraging our 20 years of success in data services, our experts will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your donation information, such as frequency, amount and source, ensuring data quality as well as the best-suited architecture for ingesting and managing your data. With this robust approach and the most up-to-date methodologies we will ensure the accuracy and security of your information, primed for generating valuable insights.

Donor Segmentation

Identifying donors’ traits and behavior by grouping them into proactive segments, will allow you to develop and deploy targeted and personalized campaigns with ease. Leveraging machine learning, our data scientists will develop a predictive model, that will forecast each initiatives’ success.  Together, segmentation and predictive analytics will enable your team to anticipate the success of each fundraising strategy as well as adjust the strategy for each respective segment to garner the best results.

User-friendly Dashboards

Leveraging our in-house UX/UI design and BI capabilities, we will provide your campaign strategists with user-friendly dashboards, enabling them to easily track donation data and campaign success based on segmentation. With clear and accessible analytics, they will be able to develop and deploy successful capital campaigns, powering your outreach and impact.

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