Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Stay abreast of latest regulatory developments to ensure timely compliance and accurate, error-free reporting.

Make sure that you meet all of relevant domestic and global regulatory requirements by administering efficient reporting processes based on accurate data. 

Evolving Regulatory Environment

The regulatory environment for the financial and banking industry is continually evolving. With 20+ years of experience in delivering data and AI solutions for the financial services industry, Adastra is well-placed to help you monitor, understand, and adhere to changes in regulatory requirements.

The expanding scope of regulations often requires significant upheaval of data systems, operational systems, and reporting processes, and with our support, your organization can focus on its core business while leaving the technicalities of compliance in our experienced hands. With a wealth of regulatory experience, we will implement regulatory methods and review processes within your IT ecosystem to ensure they meet standards and propose procedures should any discrepancies arise.

Adastra can help you with key regulatory compliance requirements, right from ensuring your reports and analytics are based on clean, accurate data, to improving the traceability and transparency of your reports, as well as help you set up the optimal accounting and IT procedures. 

Building for the Future

Adastra's experts keep track of upcoming regulations that will affect the banking and financial sector in Canada, and develop customized solutions to ensure that you are able to deliver on the new approaches, data management and reporting requirements, well within the implementation timeframe.

Our latest solutions cover the below regulatory frameworks:

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