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Loss Prevention

Shrinkage represents a vast burden to retailers, reducing their bottom line by an average of 1.33% every year. Slight improvements in inventory reduction can offer dramatic return on investment, making it a top priority for retailers today.

Putting data at the forefront of this strategy can offer an enhanced ability to pinpoint problem areas in shrinkage and put easy remediations in place to maximize profit.

With a data-driven enterprise shrinkage strategy, retailers can identify suspicion patterns within multiple data sources to predict the root-cause of internal and external losses. Organizations can launch a scalable solution to identify stores, product lines, check-out counters, etc. that cause a threat to bottom lines and enable proactive measures; reducing losses and time to make strategic shrink management decisions while also maximizing profit. As changes are made, businesses can continuously optimize to ensure maximum ROI.

Applications For Loss Prevention

  • Employee Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Paperwork Errors

Adastra will help your organization consolidate your information into a holistic source and enable your decision makers to remediate root causes of shrinkage in a sustainable and self-serve fashion. With 20 years of Data and AI experience and in-depth expertise in Visualizations and UX/UI, we will provide your organizations with an easy to use, effective loss prevention solution. Contact our experts today to know what options are available to you.  

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