As retailers become increasingly digitized and collect greater amounts of personal identifying information to allow for consumer personalization, the velocity and sophistication of information breaches are surpassing that which human detection can handle alone

Malicious attacks cost hefty fines, consumer loyalty and the opportunity of personalization as customers become reluctant to share information. Organizations must become prepared with a set of best practices and technologies to fight off attacks.

Modern retailers are leveraging Intelligent Analytics to provide proactive detection of malicious attacks and to notify appropriate parties to intervene. Paired with retrofitted compliance strategies, AI and machine learning-enabled security will protect your data and increase the time to remediation, protecting your most valuable asset and insure against attackers.


Anomaly Detection

Detect suspicious users to stop attacks before they happen.


Leverage biometric authentication to secure consumer accounts and prevent unauthorized access.

PCI Compliance

Adhere to strict regulations to protect consumer credit card details.

With 20 years of experience in Data and AI Adastra will help you implement regulatory methods and processes, ensuring the security of your retail data as well as preventative measures to stop attacks before they occur. Contact our experts to ensure your data is safe as you work along your retail Digital Transformation Journey.

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