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Fraud Prevention

Go from reactive to proactive, and stop fraudulent activity in its tracks.

Telecommunications companies are victim to a lot of fraudulent behavior, including subscription fraud, international revenue share fraud, and premium rate fraud. Many industry leaders have implemented fraud prevention systems, but fraudsters have recognized these traditional fraud prevention strategies, figured out ways to circumvent them and subsequently have become increasingly difficult to track.

Modern Telecommunications and media providers are leveraging Intelligent Analytics to provide proactive detection of suspicious malicious behavior and to notify appropriate parties to intervene. Paired with retrofitted compliance strategies, AI and machine learning-enabled fraud prevention will protect your data and increase the time to remediation, protecting your valuable asset.

Fraudulent Behavior

Identify and track fraudulent behavior, preventing losses.

Keep Up with Evolving Tactics

Stay ahead of complex and ever-changing fraud tactics by leveraging AI.

In-Depth Overview

Gain a clear overview of fraudulent activity and enhance your security processes.

Fraud can bring about several issues aside from hurting your bottom line; it can result in poor customer experience, an increased need for customer service, and concerned investors. Adastra’s highly qualified team of data scientists will help to protect your business from fraudulent activities by leveraging our state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning capabilities. Deploying an unsupervised machine learning algorithm to your vast repository of customer and operational data, will not only effectively detect anomalies, but will keep up with evolving fraud tactics.

Our UX/UI designers will ensure your analysts have access to clear visualizations, providing them with the ability to understand where and when fraud is taking place. This will allow your organization to take necessary action when it has happened or strategize in order to prevent it from happening in the first place.

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