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Network Optimization

Reduce network downtime and effectively increase customer satisfaction.

The telecommunications industry has seen a rapid increase in mobile and internet connections due to popularization of social media and consumption of data-heavy content, such as video streaming. People no longer use phone lines to make calls and cord-cutting is on the rise. As data transfer shifts entirely to the online space, networks must function at an optimal level.

Telecommunications companies are struggling to keep up with this cultural shift; networks are weighed down by high traffic, often resulting in unstable connectivity, and subsequent customer dissatisfaction. The market known for its battle of intense price competition is bringing industry leaders to look to data-driven solutions that will optimize their networks, while cutting costs.

With Adastra’s expertise in data science, we can develop a machine learning solution to ensure network traffic is strategically routed to ensure fast upload and download times, allowing your customers to enjoy high quality service, even during peak hours. Leveraging real-time network data captured through your IoT implementation, in tandem with comprehensive visualizations, you can administer repairs promptly, improving time to resolution and decreasing downtime.

Improved time to resolution

Promptly administer repairs with real-time accessible network health data.

Stabilized User Connectivity

Provide your customers with uninterrupted connection with optimal speed.

Network Optimization

Ensure your network runs smoothly even during high-traffic periods, with automated network optimization.

With Adastra as your data partner, you will gain visibility across your systems, as the preliminary key step to optimizing your network. By leveraging Machine Learning, our experts will design a model that will address high-volume network usage while adhering to SLAs, ensuring that issues are resolved, and anomalies are detected. By automating your processes, we will minimize the need for human interaction, improving time to resolution, ensuring both cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

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