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With the volume and importance of data proliferating in today’s digital economy, enterprises are investing in modern technologies to deliver relevant insights; However, not all insights are built the same. Synapse delivers cutting edge unified analytics on the cloud, offering real-time, integrated intelligent insights across your organization.

Learn how you can start your journey for free with Microsoft and Adastra's free assessment and POC offer. 

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Microsoft & Adastra's No Cost Synapse Assessment & POC

Start your Synapse implementation with Microsoft and Adastra with our two step accelerator: 

Assessment & Roadmap

Microsoft will assess / plan/ strategize our Azure Synapse analytics implementation


Adastra will work with you to identify a quick win use case, and will pilot this solution in Azure Synapse.

Innovate With Microsoft's Leading Synapse Implementer

Adastra is collaborating with Microsoft to guide the development of the Azure Synapse platform, through product team engagement and early adopter enablement. Adastra Azure Synapse solutions have already created organizational value and helped organization differentiate from their competitive set. Through 50+ Azure Modern Data Warehouse implementations and 10+ Azure Synapse implementations, we have developed a set of best practices and accelerators to deliver trusted results faster.  Contact us to start your implementation. 

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