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Machine Learning models draw insightful inferences from data to help drive businesses forward.

Effective machine learning models understand the hidden signals within your data and provide dynamic solutions that help provide greater business transparency. Machine learning models use mathematical approaches and optimization to determine underlying structural patterns and segmentations of your data or to predict the most likely value or category based on past behavior. The most complex models even use sophisticated deep learning approaches that are able to determine complex patterns from unstructured data sources.

With continuous advancements in Machine Learning, Adastra invests in ongoing learning to stay abreast of recent developments, including certifications and research partnerships with academic institutions and government supercluster programs. Adastra focuses on providing practical applications that will give your business a competitive edge. From simpler regression models leveraging structured data to more complex models leveraging various types of structured and unstructured data, our team of highly qualified data scientists can build models that fit your specific business needs and data sets.

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Increased Foresight
Use powerful forecasting and regression techniques to predict future events, demand levels, and system failures, so that you can act proactively, mitigate risk, and provide your customers the consistent, quality experience they expect. Cutting edge solutions can help you build forecasts that provide actionable and beneficial insights to define your growth trajectory.

Adaptable Processes
Leverage effective deployment strategies to ensure that machine learning models continue to improve with new samples. Make sure that your process continues to adapt to recent behaviors and makes decisions focused on optimizing for a specific outcome as opposed to through a rule-based workflow that is difficult and slow to adapt.

Efficient Solutions
Every business problem and situation requires unique considerations and a specific set of operational constraints (from cost to team skillset). Aligning the most effective AI service or custom model tuned to your specific application will ensure that the results obtained balance accuracy and robustness with maintenance and operational expenses.


Multidimensional Predictions
Improve your business decisions with insights generated from ML models that can identify patterns across multiple internal and external datasets. Make informed decisions by evaluating and combining relationships between different variables, such as customer behavior, historical purchase and product data, competitor offers, process/production telemetry, and exogenous factors such as weather, holidays, high-risk events, etc. to help you optimize your processes.

Real-time Solutions
Get valuable insights in real-time from a wide variety of data sources allowing for efficient decision-making to enhance customer experience, business efficiency, and profitability. Adastra's AI/ML solutions can provide real-time inferences for a wide variety of use cases, from analyzing your supply chain's function to recognizing an individual through voice biometrics during a customer service call. 

Intelligent Recommendations
Through the use of intelligent recommendation systems, your organization can improve customer experience while increasing upsell opportunities, optimizing logistics, or improving business functions. Machine Learning algorithms can effectively generate smart recommendations based on a variety of complex data providing optimal suggestions on next best offers or actions and campaign management and strategies.

Clustering and Segmentation
Use product or client information to form focused groups that share similarities in relation to key business measurements and metrics. Apply unsupervised learning techniques to optimally segment your information to accelerate reporting, use as decision support, and as a more efficient input to optimization models and simulations by reducing the efforts in calculating net impacts across your target response group. Uncover insights about what products and offers would most resonate across various demographic and behavioral groups.

Use Cases

Demand Forecasting
Build a robust forecasting tool for retail or other supply chains by accurately determining demand, predicting critical thresholds and events, and optimizing ordering schedules accordingly. Plan truck scheduling and score vendors based on past and forecasted supply. Enhanced visualizations of the supply chain can help you identify weak links in the delivery process in an easy-to-consume head-up display.

Credit Scoring
Circumvent the risks associated with credit uncertainty and the ability of your customers to meet their payment obligations. Adastra's solutions can effectively process a variety of data to obtain a holistic view of each customer's financial behavior and detect the probability of default as well as determine the most likely candidate profiles that would lead to default, supporting your underwriters. With accurate credit scoring, you will protect your business from unforeseen losses and effectively manage financial risk.

Fraud Detection
Leverage AI to prevent fraudulent activity within any form of communication and behavior. Fraud detection in financial services is business critical and our advanced ML capabilities reduce the risk of false positives and protect your brand image. Using anomaly detection approaches, we can help you detect anomalies in your structured and time-series transactional data. Coupled with our text mining and analysis pipelines we can also detect fraudulent behavior from various unstructured text documents or text descriptions. Depending on the application, more advanced audio and image-based anomaly detection methods can also be used.

Inventory Predictions
Determining the best levels of inventory for each SKU using seasonal demand data, combined with advanced forecasting models, helping your business reduce warehouse storage costs and lead-times while increasing demand coverage. Leverage real-time demand, competitor pricing data, and predicted optimal inventory levels required to best meet customer demand and free up capital for other business initiatives. Get early warning notifications of specific events that are occurring and leverage more robust simulations to quantify the likelihood of fallouts or expansion of critical events, such as product shortages, etc.

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