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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing gives machines “human-like” understanding of language and detecting, extracting, and understanding textual content. Adastra can build smart solutions that can make predictions from, and respond to, your text data.

With Natural Language Processing (NLP), computers can infer and analyze human language with more meaning than simply digesting and outputting programmed responses. Our NLP solutions can help you garner value from your text data, enabling informed decision-making and uncovering hidden opportunities.

NLP combines computational linguistics with statistical insights, machine learning, and deep learning models. Adastra's data science team develops powerful models, which can recognize text, understand intent and sentiment, and make predictions based on the analyzed data.

Our tailored Text Mining solutions can process text in the form of emails, chats, CRM entries, reviews, and more, allowing you to derive valuable data, enabling effective decision-making across numerous use cases as well as powerful search functionality. These solutions open previously impossible opportunities to increase employee productivity, simplify, and streamline business processes, and deliver path-breaking results in a matter of minutes.


Large-scale Text Analysis for Actionable Insights
Analyze large volumes of text information for more objective, accurate results and extract real, actionable insights to improve business processes.

Enhanced Market and Customer Understanding
Conduct in-depth market research and sentiment analysis to understand how your audience perceives your brand. Take precautionary measures to proactively improve customer sentiment and safeguard your image.

Effective Planning & Processing
Automate simple text analysis tasks to reduce manual involvement and associated costs for document review and processing. Provide summaries and detect anomalies in text data so that your resources can work on more strategic tasks to maximize value and empower your employees.

Drive Process Efficiencies
Decrease time-to-insight, eliminate manual errors, and serve your customers better and faster with NLP-based solutions. Streamline processes, reduce costs and inefficiencies for better end-to-end output.


Multivariate Text Classifications
Leverage powerful ML models that will identify patterns and relationships within your text information. Use multi-class predictive models leveraging the insights from text preprocessing pipelines to automatically classify or label your text inputs without any manual interaction.

Digitizing Records
Reduce the costs and risks of storing paper documents by automatically transcribing text while highlighting and capturing key pieces of information. Enable efficient, controlled accessibility and use of your text information.

Entity Recognition
Create a powerful model to understand the meaning behind your text content and use entity recognition to find individuals, tag locations, and understand the intent of the conversation/text.

Report Enhancement
Leverage text mining and analysis techniques to provide additional context and enhance conventional descriptive reports. Use efficient mechanisms to summarize large documents or sets of documents into easy-to-digest highlights.

Use Cases

Text Extraction and Analysis
Our models can extrapolate meaning and patterns of text within a variety of documents, which can be used for future predictive analysis. Natural language processing can be leveraged to sort through vast quantities of data and help support decision-making processes within your organization.

Sentiment Analysis
Improve your ability to understand how your customers feel about your products or services. Leveraging sentiment analysis, you can analyze social media posts that mention your organization or summarize reviews or survey content to gain an accurate view of your customers’ opinions. Our solution will allow you to infer emotions so you can align and prioritize content to respond to positive and negative sentiment. This data can be tracked and utilized to improve your offerings, increase customer satisfaction, and protect your brand. 

Intelligent Document Processing
Automatically extract text content from structured and unstructured documents and reduce manual intervention, reducing processing time and costs. Our solutions can build a functional search layer on top of your document content, automate tagging/classification of content, create automated rules for validation, and even help you automatically prepare summaries for one or more documents based on search criteria. Reduce paperwork for tickets and claims, internal document summarization, and much more.

Customer Service
Enhance the services you provide to your customers by better understanding their feelings through various modes of communication, from customer service calls to inquiry forms or surveys. Our mining solutions enable in-depth analysis of text communications that allows for an automated response to any service issue your customers are experiencing. Integrate intelligent chatbots that can enable “natural” customer conversation to enhance your customer service process and free up time for more inquiries. Couple these applications with speech-to-text and text-to-speech pipelines to facilitate real-time audio responses.



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