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As a leader in Data Science, Adastra augments Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Artificial Intelligence, to create Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions that go beyond automating repetitive tasks. Leveraging Machine Learning, our solutions will support your workforce by completing tedious tasks while utilizing algorithms to process incoming data, thus improving and continuously enhancing functionalities.

As one of the fastest-growing sectors in the technological space – there is a lot of benefit to implementing RPA. It can help reduce absorption, increase productivity & efficiency as well as lead to immediate benefits after implementation.



Circumvent the need for hiring scarce highly qualified programmers, as no knowledge of programming is required.

Dynamic Workflows

With the right training, IPA solutions are dynamic; they can learn and respond to stimuli, accumulate knowledge and adapt.

Application Agnostic

RPA solutions are able to interact with multiple applications at once. Apply RPA to any application, at any time.

Reduce Time-to-Launch

With IPA, testing is often automated, easier to maintain, and provides a greater understanding for rapid debugging.


Adastra has an incredible feature of combining artificial intelligence with Robotic Process Automation. This new initiative allows for advanced solutions for several different problems. Traditional RPA workflows are often limited to specific, rigid tasks which may have some level of complexity. On the other hand, IPA offers the ability to expand on functionality offering more powerful applications and the potential to adapt to similar problems.

Automate Internal Regimes

Optimize efficiency by implementing a model within your organization to alleviate the task of manual repetition within documents. During the development of an RPA solution, the processes at hand go through robust analysis, which could lead to potential process improvements.

Multi-Application Communication and Customization

RPA allows the developer to take control of multiple applications at once and creatively intertwine them for their use-case, such as Power BI, single Python scripts and Outlook. When RPA processes are lacking for your application, our team of highly skilled experts can enhance this through intelligence modules as implemented in an IPA workflow.

Intelligent Time-Based Report Creation

IPA can automate quarterly/monthly reports with intelligent processing. No longer get redundant information. With intelligent implementations, highlight detected anomalies and send custom reports to dedicated individuals.

Standardize and Empower More Data

RPA can extract data from many internal systems, including structured, semi-structured data as well as unstructured through IPA. RPA processes also enable your organization to capture and leverage various external data such as web site extraction and file downloads/parsing.

Use Case

In this video, our automation solution performs ‘web scrapping’ on the Zoocasa website to gather information about specific houses in Mississauga. We specifically programmed it to gather housing details such as square footage, # of bathrooms, # of rooms, location next to schools, and other related information that have impact on housing prices.

Next, the program opens up the command terminal and leverages a time series regression model as it runs the python program which generates the prediction of future housing prices.

Then the program opens PowerBI, automatically populates the graphs and clicks refresh to implement the data from the python script. PowerBI provides visualizations with heat maps, using red circles to show more serious warning in terms of recession price adjustments.

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