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Statistical Analysis

To achieve greatness, every business needs to obtain actionable and beneficial insights from the large amount of data it has. Statistical Analysis aims to identify the important datasets and to determine the best ways to leverage them to solve business problems, increasing productivity and efficiency, while decreasing costs.

Our team can help you with every aspect of Statistical Analysis, from data processing to descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Apply methodologies from data visualization, hypothesis testing, regression, forecasting, and even optimization to ensure you are making the most well-informed business decisions.


Powerful Insights

Analyzing large amounts of data to discover insights and trends that can be leveraged by you to make effective decisions.

Visual Analytics

Visualizing complex combinations of data to provide you real-time access into your business processes, enabling you to find inefficiencies and take proactive measures.

Future Predictions

Using powerful forecasting and regression tools to predict future events, demand levels, and systems failures, so that you can stay ahead.

Decision Support

Using the statistical insights to feed powerful optimization techniques, provides you with automated and optimal decision support system.


Data Processing

Mine, collate, aggregate, and clean the data to feed large scale Statistical Analysis models.


Interactive graphical outputs that assist with exploratory data analysis and support the capturing of the results of your models.

Predictive Analytics

Our regression models and trend analysis can help you forecast future events and performance, helping your business approach problems proactively.

Prescriptive Analytics

Optimization models and simulation analysis can identify the best options, such as pricing decisions that maximize revenue.


Our experts can provide an end-to-end solution for all your analytics needs, using their strong academic knowledge and development experience. First, we meet with you to discuss your specific problem and use case so that we can determine the best approach for your particular concern. Then, we implement the project in three primary sections:


Use Case

Revenue Forecasting and Advanced Pay Calculations

Entertainment Industry

This client required a forecasting solution to predict future song royalties based on historical performance and insights collected from external data. The solution was required for information to be implemented directly into their customer dashboard solution for automated advances to be performed.


Leveraged internal data, hit charts and song popularity information to develop forecasting solution of future song earning.

Ensured proper contingencies for risk in automatic advancement calculations.

Developed model within R, leveraging Azure infrastructure and integrating with the clients SQL data warehouse.


Reduced errors on advancement calculations by $250K per quarter.

Forecast was embedded into their client dashboard to provide an analytics service to their end user.


1 Data Scientist and 1 Data Engineer


Only 2 months to completion


Reduced errors on advancement

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