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Adastra - A Scale AI Community Member

Adastra Corporation is a proud member of the Scale AI community. Scale AI is a Government of Canada-supported supercluster aimed at leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost productivity and supply chain efficiency across industries.

It also aims to build a knowledge-sharing framework to further technological research and pave the way for adoption of advanced technologies by Canadian businesses.


Get Funding for Your Supply Chain AI project

As a Scale AI community member, Adastra is actively looking for innovative project ideas and use cases that could transform the supply chain industry through the application of AI. The identified projects will be evaluated by Scale AI for business viability and overall ecosystem impact. Adastra will work with Scale AI to secure funding and implementation support for the shortlisted projects.

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Endless Possibilities with AI

Better Inventory Planning

Get insights on the right inventory mix, accurately assess lead times, for better planning and fulfillment

Enhanced Customer Experience

Predict customer behavior and demand, manage supply and service, to ensure customer satisfaction

Reduce Environmental Impact

Lower production waste, optimally utilize resources, measure socio-environmental impact of your value chains, and reduce the environmental footprint of your value chain

Enhanced Scheduling

Reduce process delays, build resilient schedules based on accurate insights, optimize transport and logistics schedules

Defect and Anomaly Detection

AI-powered anomaly detection on manufacturing lines with for real-time alerts and dashboards, to reduce scrap, improve production efficiency, lower manpower cost, and empower Factories of the Future

Derive Actionable Insights

Leverage AI & Machine Learning for integrated solutions to supply chain issues and enable accurate decision-making

Predict Customer Demand

Manage and predict customer demand based on historical and current trends, pricing, promotions, external factors, etc. for better forecasts and inventory planning

Enhanced Service Planning

Optimize service schedules, automate assigning of support staff to reduce service time/visits and enhance customer experience

Reduce Distribution Costs

Optimize logistics costs and asset utilization, synchronize ship dates in advance, lower human intervention

Customizing Packaging

Leverage production and demand data to adapt products to meet specialized requirements of diverse channels, retail or promotional formats

Predictive Prognostics for Components

Manage maintenance of fleets, machinery based on advanced prognostics to reduce downtime and cost of ownership

Pricing and Promotion Planning

Automate demand forecasting, pricing and promotion planning based on brand objectives, constraints, consumer preferences, etc. to maximize profitability

How to Get Started

Share your Project Idea. Our experts will connect with you to learn more about your business problem, roadblocks in your supply chain, and what you are trying to accomplish with AI. We want to know how you envisage AI will help transform, accelerate, or scale your supply chain.

Adastra will work closely with you to understand your requirements and expectations. We will then build on your core idea, identify technology solutions, datasets, etc. that will be used to leverage AI in your supply chain, set goals, and put together a comprehensive project plan for you.

Finally, we will submit the project plan to Scale AI on your behalf and help secure funding for qualified projects. Once the funding is approved, Adastra will work closely with your organization to plan, build, test, and deploy the AI solution to transform your supply chain.

Project Selection Process

STEP 1: Eligibility

We will submit your project for review by the Scale AI team to validate project eligibility

STEP 2: Selection

The detailed project proposal will be reviewed by the Scale AI selection team and prioritized based on selection criteria

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