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Business Intelligence (BI) is more than just aesthetically pleasing data visualization. It is a core business capability that allows all employees to access and understand the information needed to drive the business forward. At Adastra, BI is an end-to-end solution that is tailored to each organization’s unique data and reporting requirements. We pride ourselves on developing effective BI strategies to enable Data Democratization and data-driven decision-making within organizations.

The Strategy Behind BI

Just as one cannot build a house without a blueprint in place, a BI solution deployment without a proper strategy will get you nowhere. Adastra’s experts will help uncover your business needs and priorities and ensure that your future platform is aligned to your goals.

A BI strategy is multifactorial and is intrinsically linked to the data architecture model, while taking into consideration the organization’s maturity and deployment strategy. For organizations that are embarking on their data democratization journey, Adastra can build self-serve or Citizen analytics capabilities to enable end-users to make decisions based on queries and analyses, freeing up the time of internal IT and BI teams.

Today, data is pervasive and merely having data no longer offers the competitive advantage it once did. Instead, organizations are looking to create a Business Information Experience (BiX), where technology enables frictionless consumption and exchange of information, so that it is readily available to decision-makers at all levels, at the right time, in the right format, and on the right device.

Platform Selection and Implementation

There are many BI platforms to choose from. Our experts will help you develop your own personalized criteria list to rank available platforms. In addition to platform capabilities, organizations also need to evaluate other factors, such as cost, time taken to implement, and the integration of the platform with their existing architecture, including its availability on cloud services.

The veracity of the output of your BI strategy relies heavily on the quality of data being input into the platform. Adastra can help you establish a Data Governance framework and enhance Data Quality, so that your insights and BI are trusted, accurate, and reliable. Our experts in Data Engineering, Analytics, and Data Science practices work collaboratively with you to ensure that you extract the optimal value from your data. Our collaborative team of experts can capture and present these insights in the most effective way within your operational reports.

Implementations are not complete until we ensure that post deployment of reports and solutions are well established. We offer complete managed services for support and maintenance of the platform. 

Our Competencies

Solution Delivery

Executive and Analytical Dashboards

Adastra will equip executives with user-centric and platform-agnostic dashboards, which address critical business questions, align business actions with corporate strategy, and aid executive decision-making.

Mobile Apps

Our experts can bring analytics to any device. Adastra has an expertise in building mobile BI apps for clients, helping them ensure that everyone has access to the right data at the right time, wherever they go.

Operational Reports

Adastra can build a variety of operational reports to enhance the efficiency of your day-to-day processes, provide real-time insights and granular reports on business operations, and help you make data-based decisions at every level.

UX/UI for Dashboards

With our in-house UX/UI capabilities, we create visually appealing, intuitive, and perceptive dashboards with user-centric design. Proper collaboration between users and technology boosts productivity and ensures that you extract the most value out of your data.

Power BI Use Case & Sample Dashboard


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