Beyond cost savings, leading companies are leveraging Cloud services to take advantage of scale, flexibility, performance, continuous upgrades and weapons grade security benefits.  Integrate Cloud into your Digital Transformation strategy and catalyze the next wave of your technology-driven innovation.

Our Cloud Partners

Adastra is a premium partner of the three main cloud providers - Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - and will help ensure that your organization's modern architecture supports and powers your business strategy.

Microsoft: Adastra is Microsoft’s fastest growing Data and AI partner in Canada and has delivered enterprise grade solutions to organizations across industry and size. We are proud recipients of the Microsoft IMPACT Award, Commercial Enterprise Partner of the Year and Manufacturing Application Innovation awards.


AWS: Adastra is a Select AWS Partner that dedicatedly offers services on the AWS platform. We specialize in delivering fast analytics on the Cloud and provide a suite of services around Data Estate Modernization, AI & Analytics, Governance and Managed Services. 


GCP: As a proud partner of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we ensure a smooth migration to GCP and help our clients leverage the wide range of features and applications that differentiate GCP in the market.


Our partnerships with the Big Three and our in-depth understanding of the features and benefits of all the cloud platforms puts us in the ideal position to guide you on your cloud journey, including helping you make choices that will work best for your organization.

Leverage the endless potential of the cloud, allowing for a lean and agile operation, and stay ahead of your competition.

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Cloud Strategy

POC’s and Production Pilots are effective tools for getting traction inside your organization around the myriad benefits of cloud. While gaining quick buy-in is critical, establishing a vision for cloud in the organization will help to ensure success and longevity beyond the initial Pilots. A cloud strategy will clearly articulate objectives, define the target state architecture, and establish business and technology guidelines for all future cloud initiatives. It can also be used as a communication tool inside the organization to say, “Here’s how and why we’ll use cloud to create a competitive advantage”. Don’t get lost in the clouds. Build a strategy to guide your cloud journey.

Adastra’s cloud experts will work with you to understand your strategic objectives, define your target architecture, assess current state gaps and define a roadmap to success. Allow our team to accelerate your POC’s and amplify your production projects by defining a sound cloud Strategy. We build strategies and provide original solutions to grow your business with peace of mind.

Cloud Migration

Transforming decades of legacy solutions from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud doesn’t happen overnight. Successful migrations leverage a tried and tested framework and follow a purposeful plan that starts with measured pilots and continues through prioritized iterations, ensuring business value is evaluated at each step of the way. Take the first step on your journey toward the scalability and flexibility of the cloud following a thoughtful migration plan.

Adastra’s cloud experts leverage our cloud 360 methodology to guide organizations through Assessment, Discovery, Targeting, Planning, Piloting and Migration steps. We help to de-risk your migration and accelerate your time to value. Let our experts guide you on your journey to the cloud.

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