Data Engineering

Addressing the modern business challenges of today entails the strong backbone of Data Engineering. Adastra offers a wide range of advanced Data, AI, and Digital services that are supported and connected with Data Engineering tools and practices. It includes modern data architecture, emerging technologies, and innovation across your organization, enabling you to be a digital leader within your industry.

Each of Adastra’s service offerings, whether it is a full-scale cloud migration or intelligently automating processes with machine learning, requires a robust foundation of data extraction, integration, and governance. Data engineering entails numerous tasks, such as building and maintaining tools, infrastructure, and frameworks, providing Adastra’s practices’ the secure base that allows them to develop advanced solutions that drive businesses forward.

Data Replication with Adoki

Comprehensively managed data transfers


Data Replication

Replicate data between systems efficiently and securely with Adoki. Adoki is a central application that manages and monitors data transfers to and from any data platform (on-premise or in the cloud).

Systems Migration

Seamlessly migrate from legacy systems to systems backed by emerging technologies.

Data Integration

Integrate structured, unstructured and semi-structured data using a combination of ETL and ELT techniques to make all data available in the right format at the right place.

Real-Time Processing

Architect batch and real-time data integration solutions to provide timely data insights to the organization.

Data Cleansing

Comprehensively organize data, correcting inaccuracies, duplicates, and corruptions to remove noise and allow for accurate analysis and interpretation.

Feature Engineering

Extracting features from data is a vital prerequisite for training machine learning models.

Data Integration Use Case


The right implementation of data engineering approaches and best practices represents a crucial step in your data journey. Contact us to schedule a free discovery session with our experts today.

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